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Diploma in Physiotherapy Technician

What will Diploma in Physiotherapy teach you?

The Diploma in Physiotherapy (D.P.T.) is a clinical nursing specialty program. After completing class twelfth in the Science stream, the subject can be pursued. Physiotherapy and related medical fields are dealt with by D.P.T. Candidates learn how to treat patients with physical limitations and wounds in a variety of settings, including hospitals, health centers, private offices, and sports clubs, during their course work. The two-year diploma program's goal is to generate trained and certified professionals who can carry out specified duties to enhance patients' lives. A diploma in physiotherapy focuses on themes including physical rehabilitation, electrotherapy, and various techniques for supporting patients with regaining physical mobility, to establish qualified individuals capable of assisting experts in various medical procedures.


Applicants pursuing a Diploma in Physiotherapy must complete a 10+2 examination in the Science stream from any recognized board of education. Applicants should achieve a base total score of 45 percent or higher on the passing test in courses such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics. Applicants to several universities are also required to take an entrance examination.


For all individuals pursuing a Diploma in Physiotherapy education in India, they need to pay an annual course fee ranging between 10k and 5 lakhs. The cost of a Diploma in Physiotherapy course will be influenced by several factors, including the educational establishment's ownership, the course and college's style, the college's location, and so on. A Diploma in Physiotherapy offered by a government college would be less expensive than one offered by a private institution.

Career prospects

One can work at physiotherapy centers, physiotherapy clinics, rehabilitation clinics, gyms, sports franchises, and other places after finishing the DPT course. Students with physiotherapy diplomas can work in a variety of settings, including colleges and universities, defense medical organizations, health institutions, orthopedic departments, the pharmaceutical industry, and the private and public sectors. Students interested in furthering their education can pursue a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy, a master's degree in physiotherapy, or a doctoral degree in physiotherapy.

Job Responsibilities

You'll need strong interpersonal skills, decent administrative skills, and a thorough understanding of physiotherapy procedures to be a successful physiotherapist. Finally, you should have a strong desire to serve others, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to work effectively with others. Physiotherapists employ treatment to help patients rehabilitate physical difficulties caused by sickness, injury, disability, or age. Planning treatments, evaluating recuperation, and executing therapeutic activities with patients are all tasks of physiotherapists.

Salary or earnings

In India, physiotherapists are commonly employed by hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities. In India, a physiotherapist makes an average of INR 300,000 per year. They also receive a variety of benefits and privileges, including medical insurance, DA, PF, and travel costs.


According to statistics, India has barely 5000 licensed physiotherapists. This emphasizes the vast work opportunities available to physiotherapy specialists with a diploma. In India, the healthcare business is predicted to increase at a rate of 16–17 percent. Individuals might find work in the healthcare and hospitality industries because of their significant growth. Physiotherapists are also needed as rehab experts for players in a variety of sports sectors.

Fee Details

Course NameYearlyCourse CodeCourse Fee
Diploma in Physiotherapy TechnicianYearlyDPT48000

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