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Paramedical Courses

We Promote Paramedical program with Quality Education. Candidates, who successfully complete the Paramedical course from AICVPS, have lots of career options available.

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What is a Paramedical course?

The importance of paramedical employees in the health industry is becoming more widely recognized, notably in trauma and accident treatment. Emergency medical services care for patients before and after hospitalization, nursing of patients, and other paramedical activities are performed by paramedics. After 12th, most students choose MBBS, BDS, and other medical degrees, but many are unaware of the Paramedical courses offered in India and their scope.

Eligibility for Diploma Paramedical Courses

After class 12th, students can enroll in a variety of paramedical courses. Paramedical Diploma courses are open to students who have completed grade 12 with Science along with Biology. Both in India and overseas, there is a growing demand for paramedics. These courses conserve students' time and money because their typical prices are lower than those of diplomas courses. They also help with getting jobs much earlier.

Personality Skills required for a Paramedic

Apart from getting a diploma, a candidate should have a few personality traits in order to excel in the paramedical field. Some of them are listed below.

  • The candidate must have a good presence of mind in order to make corrective judgments in an emergency.
  • The candidate must also be prepared to work late at night and on weekends.
  • Candidates should have a sense of responsibility and dedication, as well as good communication skills, analytical and logical reasoning skills, the ability to recall and memorize scientific facts, patience, a calm temperament, people understanding, and the ability to instill confidence in the patient.
  • A paramedic job is difficult in general, and it needs physical stamina, mental stability, compassion, and the ability to respond rapidly under pressure.

How much budget is needed?

Paramedical Diploma courses usually last between one and two years. For each semester, the cost structure for diploma courses ranges from INR 35,000 to 40,000.

Admission Process

The paramedical admissions process varies from college to college. Admission to several diploma paramedical courses is based on merit. The schools that offer these courses have a cut-off score, and anyone who achieves it can apply for the course at their desired institution.  They consider the results from classes 10 and 12 to determine the merit-based selection, and applicants must apply either online through the college's official website or in person at the college's campus.

Job Description after Diploma in Paramedics: Career, Scope, and Salaries

Paramedics are among the first medical personnel to arrive at the site of an emergency, whether it is due to an accident or another type of crisis. After obtaining a diploma, qualified people can apply for a variety of job profiles in the paramedical sector.

The following are a few of them:-


The primary function of a nurse is to provide continuous care to the sick, disabled, injured, and dying. They are responsible for caring for patients, talking with physicians, and monitoring the patients' health. A nurse's income might range from INR 4.2 LPA to INR 8.7 LPA depending on experience.

Lab Technicians

A lab technician examines samples such as blood and bodily fluids, as well as chemicals. They help scientists and medical staff with responsibilities such as record keeping and test administration. Lab technicians must have excellent observational abilities and a keen sense of detail. A diploma in Medical Lab Technology might help you earn between $50,000 and $200,000 per year.

Radiology Technicians

Anatomy, examination procedures, patient posture, equipment protocols, radiation protection, radiation safety, and basic patient care are all areas in which radiology technicians are trained. They do diagnostic imaging exams and deliver radiation therapy treatments as part of their employment. A radiologist's monthly income in India might reach 30,000 rupees.


Pharmacists are in charge of dispensing prescription medications to individuals. They also counsel their patients and other healthcare professionals on medication selection, doses, interactions, and adverse effects. Their annual salary ranges from 1.5 to 3.2 lakhs, depending on where they work.

With experience and talent, this salary structure improves.

Top Paramedical Recruiters

The following is a list of paramedic recruiters:-

  • Manipal Hospital
  • Nanavati Hospital 
  • Fortis Hospital
  • Artemis Hospital
  • MaxCure Hospital
  • Billroth Hospital

Is Paramedical a wise choice?

Because there is a shortage of paramedics in hospitals, paramedical courses have become increasingly popular. It is critical to building skills and experience in order to become a good paramedic quickly, as experience is quite valuable in this sector. Aspirants can work in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and health departments, after finishing the basic course in any of the paramedical streams. They can even start their own laboratories and clinics. As a result, paramedical streams have a wide range of job options. Since the duration of paramedical diploma courses is not very long, you always have time to develop your skills or even change your stream if it doesn’t work for you.

Diploma Paramedical Courses in India: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which paramedical course has more scope abroad?

Apart from medical sciences, paramedical sciences and therapy have gained major popularity across the country and abroad. The most sought-after top courses are Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, yogic science, audiology, and speech therapy.

Apart from salary, what benefits do paramedics receive?

Medical, dental, and vision insurance are common benefits, as are vacation, sick leave, and retirement programs.

Is the NEET exam essential for entry into paramedical diploma courses?

No, there is no need to take the NEET exam. For admission to paramedical diploma studies, several colleges have their own entrance examinations, while some admit students based on their grades in grades X and XII.

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